Full Comments to the CA and MBJ referenced in Jan. 26, 2016 Articles

Below is our full comments to the Memphis Business Journal and the Commercial Appeal in regard to the two articles linked below and published on January 26, 2016.
We are considering our options. We do not understand this unwarranted and unnecessary action and we strongly and vigorously object. 
The entire TraVure plan is in full compliance with Smart Growth and the Western Gateway Small Area Plan.  It has also been recommended for approval by the Germantown Planning Department.  The TraVure Outline Plan was approved on July 25, 2015 by the Germantown BMA.  Three phases and the Outline Plan received Final approval by the Planning Commission on December 8, 2015.  Due to the hotel changing its shape to eliminate all of it warrants, we were TOLD that that the Outline Plan had to be “Re-Approved” by the BMA.  We were unfortunately pushed to the February 8, 2016 BMA from the January 25 BMA because Germantown Planning did not give proper notice of the meeting.  They continue to delay us and put up roadblocks to our plan. We NOW find out from you, Jane Roberts with the Commercial Appeal, not Germantown or the Mayor, that we have been pushed to the February 22 BMA and that all four phases and the outline plan will be heard and discussed all over again.  No one from Germantown Government called us but we are open, transparent and following all laws and ordinances. 
This is an absurd abuse of power by the Mayor that should make all developers mistrustful of the Germantown leadership.  We have worked in good faith with the Germantown Planning Department to make this plan in Full Compliance with the current municipal codes.  This is a completely unwarranted and unnecessary delay that will affect leasing with office tenants and will affect the timeline of construction TraVure Drive, Office Building and Hotel.  
The Mayor voted against our plan at the Planning Commission hearing on Dec 8.  It seems that he now is looking for a new tactic to stop the Desai Group and Gill Properties from filing a building permit.  The current Smart Growth system is set up in a very specific manner.  It has been built to reduce political agendas.  That is why, if your plan has no warrants, you do not have to proceed to the BMA.  Your plan is fully approved at the Planning Commission.  This also encourages full compliance.  You save money and time by following the codes.  The Mayor is intentionally making a “Procedural Process” into a “Political Process” to stop this development in Germantown, even though this development is in FULL Compliance with Smart Growth and the Western Gateway Small Area Plan.
Lastly, this is about the Smart Growth process.  We have had work sessions with the planning commissioners to educate them about the development and have participated with the opposition prior to planning commission meetings.  The BMA has not been apart of that process.  They are uneducated when it comes to the details of this plan.  How can they be expected to vote on this matter?