Stretch Zone has opened its first location in Germantown. It is among five or so in the works around the area. In addition, franchise rights have been purchased for West Tennessee, Arkansas, and North Mississippi.

The new location is in a 1,200-square-foot space at 2037 Exeter Road in Germantown near Hobby Lobby. Barry Maynard and Frank Dyer of Gill Properties represented Stretch Zone in the lease.

The idea behind Stretch Zone is to increase one’s active range of motion, to achieve “lasting flexibility gains,” the company said.

But, what is it? A fitness studio? Physical therapy? According to co-owner Jonathan Boyd, Stretch Zone qualifies as “assisted stretch.”

Boyd runs a tennis tournament and was introduced to Stretch Zone in that capacity.

“I actually tried it out,” Boyd said. “It was awesome. [It’s good] for aging athletes or just people with mobility issues or aches and pains. I was sitting there on the table one day [at Stretch Zone] and I thought, ‘What a great business.'”

Boyd said customers come in to get a free assessment, and then a plan is outlined for them.

“We have a range of clients,” Boyd said. “Some people are marathoners and playing tennis six days a week and ultra-competitive. At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got people who come in a wheelchair and have been suffering from a serious physical and congenital issue they were born with.”

Stretching can help performance and alleviate pain, Boyd said.

“I don’t think anybody would argue that general stretching is not recommended,” he said.

Stretch Zone is co-owned by Steve Heinz, who will run the location and is the son of late ECS high school coach James Heinz.