Aiming for growth, Gill hires two brokers from Loeb by Jacob Steimer

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Brown Gill was picking up supplies for his child's birthday at Sprouts on July 13, when he received a call from Frank Dyer III.

The third-party brokerage business Dyer and Barry Maynard had built under Bob and Lou Loeb was growing, with deals across the country. The Loebs wanted to keep a local focus, though, so Dyer and Maynard were looking for a new home.

"Brown and I had done a deal about two years ago, and I enjoyed it tremendously, [so] he was one of the first calls I made," Dyer said.

Gill said that Dyer's grit and relentlessness during that deal — for the Soul Fish Cafe in Oxford — impressed him greatly. And, adding a pair of experienced brokers made a lot of sense to Gill, since he's looking to grow Gill Properties significantly.

"I do want to grow into the size of a Boyle [Investment]. I do want to continue to grow Gill properties from what Ray [Gill] started," Brown Gill said. "I love the idea of bringing in more brokers over time and these guys being involved with deciding who those men or women are."

Gill said "a lot" more office space for Gill Properties will be included in Travure's fourth phase, to accommodate the company's coming growth.

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Dyer and Maynard considered multiple brokerage and development firms, along with starting their own company, before deciding to become Gill's new vice presidents of brokerage. They decided they wanted to stay in the development world, with a company that had a clear growth plan and was led by people they knew and trusted.

"At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money you're making; if you're not comfortable, you're miserable," Maynard said.

With Maynard and Dyer, the company will have eight people spending at least part of their time doing third-party work — deals that don't necessarily include buildings Gill Properties owns. In five years, Maynard envisions Gill to be the leading retail brokerage firm in Memphis and to have national name recognition.

Though they will mostly focus on brokerage, Ray Gill, Brown Gill's father, said the pair's presence at his firm will greatly improve its development work, as well.

"As a developer, you need to know a little bit about a lot of things, but you've got to know one thing really deep, and that's the market," Ray Gill said. "[Maynard and Dyer bring] more information, more spheres of influence, [and] more potential deals."

With what Maynard described as a "positive leaving" of Loeb Realty Group LLC, the pair of brokers will bring all their clients with them to Gill.

"It became clear that Frank and Barry could better achieve their brokerage objectives with this transition," Bob Loeb said. "It has been a true pleasure to watch their business grow, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship."

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