Gill Properties is a full service commercial real estate broker, developer, and lease management firm.

Because we are also developers, we understand the construction and development process. Most brokerage firms are only transaction based and have no real understanding of the depth and breadth of the commercial real estate business.

In lieu of outsourcing lease management, we handle it all in-house which gives us the ultimate control over the customer experience. Whereas most developers outsource leasing and management to other third party firms.

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Full Service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Marketing and selling commercial real estate in Metro Memphis necessitates specialized skills and extensive business knowledge.

Free simple sales

Landlord representation

Tenant representation

Management of entitlement process

Construction management

Gill Properties Services Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Commercial Real Estate Developers

As commercial real estate developers, we are devoted to completely understanding every component of a project in order to provide considerable value and offer the solutions and analysis required to solve construction and design issues.




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Gill Property professionals use our diverse range of property, creative, and investor services to improve asset awareness, stable occupancy, achieve ideal rentals, and build strong relationships with the surrounding community.



Tap into our legacy of experience for your next Leasing, Development or Brokerage venture.

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