Fate of TraVure hangs in the balance tonight by Michelle Corbet

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The Germantown Board of Mayor and Aldermen are scheduled to vote on the overall outline plan for the TraVure development in a meeting tonight at Germantown City Hall at 6 p.m.

The meeting is expected to be full of drama, after months of debate and delay.

Courtesy Gill Properties

With TraVure, Gill Properties has proposed to bring a next generation mixed-use office development to the Poplar corridor.

TraVure, a mixed-use development near the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Kirby Parkway, will pair a five-story, 150,000-square-foot Class A office building with restaurants, retail, two Hilton-branded hotels and a parking garage.

Ray Gill, founder and principal of Gill Properties, says he’s also considering a residential component on the second-floor of the restaurant and retail space.

“You can come into town, stay at your choice of hotel, walk to the office meeting and then walk across the street for dinner,” Ray Gill said.

Brown Gill, vice president of Gill Properties, says the walkable environment will expand into the office building itself, which will have a focus on incorporating health and fitness throughout the work day.

“When you go to these Class A office buildings, everything points you to the elevator, but what if you make the stairs just as important, with great lighting and numbers on each step that encourage you to choose the stairs?” Brown Gill said.

Gill Properties is planning to put a full ATC-branded gym as an amenity in the office building, equipped with locker rooms and showers.

Any potential tenants, be they retail, residential or office, will have keyed access to the facility, Brown Gill said.

“You can get there in the morning, and stay there all day, without having to get in your car to workout or go eat lunch,” Brown Gill said.

The Gills realized how much these amenities add to a persons work-life balance, when an ATC Fitness facility signed a lease for a retail bay next door to their corporate offices in Cordova.

“You become way more productive,” Brown Gill said. “And that is the fundamental future of office.”

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