Travure development scheduled for completion by Shelby Sansone

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Travure development scheduled for completion

GERMANTOWN, TN - The Travure development is scheduled to be complete in February, as more businesses continue to lease property.

Right now, the Hilton Garden Inn, Home 2 Suites, and Mid-America Apartments will call the multi-use space home.

Developer Ray Gill told FOX13 it will house retail and office space along with the hotels.  It will also have a parking garage.

“Germantown vision, they recognize that they have limits to the geographic code so if you can't go out you go up,” he said.

Located on Poplar, some Germantown community members are concerned about the traffic issues this new development might cause.  Those members have voiced their opinions on social media and at board meetings.

However, Gill said the location is important for the property.

The shell is scheduled to be complete by September, and renters are expected to move in by February 2018.


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